I just wanted to start by saying I have been a chef for 18 years, and have met many people and traveled many places. I have participated and won several Food Competitions, and have been on the radio doing cooking shows, so I know food. As an executive chef, I have tasted many sauces, and this salsa is epic! It's flavor profile and freshness is like no other. From the time I fell in love with the salsa, to the time I have met you, your company has been great! Salsa, Texas is a great professional company that took care of my company, and my family needs in the food industry. Thank you for a wonderful product!
Chef Daniel Vercher
SWN-Eurest Dining Services

I don't know if it was Dennis or Ron that I met at the Whole Foods on Hwy. 6 in Houston but he was certainly outgoing and asked everyone that passed "Would you like to try my salsa?" Being gluten intolerant I am not able to eat like everyone else and have to be careful of ingredients. "I asked him is it gluten-free?" He promptly handed me a jar and said, "Yes it is. It is not labeled 'gluten-free' but there aren't any ingredients in there that will be bad for you." And he was right. I sampled the medium and took a jar home. Shoulda bought two or three! After drinking the first jar I asked my husband to pick up another next time he was at W.F. Shoulda bought a case. It looks like I have managed to drink my way through another jar. I like the salsa with blue corn tortilla chips and guacamole. Also excellent on hamburgers made with ground buffalo! This is truly the BEST salsa this South Texas girl has ever had.
Sally D.

I met you at Friendswood Kroger today and purchased your mild salsa. My husband caught a 6 3/4 lb Redfish yesterday. He grilled it on indirect heat. I topped mine off with your salsa. It was awesome! Thank you for contributing to Made in America!
Debra R. - Alvin, TX

--Hot, but not overwhelmingly. Good flavor.....smokey but not heavy. Just enough for taste. Texture and color are appetizing and salsa is on the blended side so it stays on a chip well. The overall taste is a smokey tomato flavor with a very slight sour twang from the cider vinegar I think. This salsa would be great on scrambled eggs and certainly with a beer.
Rick S.

--That's as good a salsa I can really ever remember having. Absolutely better than anything I ever found in California or Arizona... and nothing here in the Southeast is in the same class. It's not just good, it's "addictive" good. Really fresh, lots of flavor. You guys really nailed it... I grabbed a bag of tostitos scoops on the way home and finished off about 3/4 of a jar before putting the lid back on and going to find something cold to drink. Congratulations- that's some great tasting stuff! Thanks!
Dave M.

--I grew up in Texas loving barbeque and good salsa. I moved to Pennsylvania in 1995 to a food culture shock. At that time, there were literally only 4 Mexican restaurants and no barbeque places in town. My wife and I have always loved fresh good salsa but we can't get it up here. We started making our own because we couldn't get it here. I have now tried Salsa, Texas. It is wonderful. It is far better than anything I can make. You can really taste the roasted peppers as the flavors really come out. It's great!
Rick -- Steelers Fan transplanted in Pittsburgh.

--I was going to email you today. We received the salsa and my wife and I went through an entire jar last night. It's awesome! Best cooked salsa I've had since La Reyna on S 1st in Austin. Good job! We've got half of the jars already packaged to give out to friends.
Jack W.

--Really great salsa. The medium was just the right amount of spice and really interesting flavors, kind of smokey and not too sweet. Loved it!
Mike M.

--My wife Kim and I wanted to let you know how much we enjoy your salsa. Both of us being from Texas we grew up enjoying Mexican food. We have in fact become quite the experts on the subject. We can say with out a doubt "Salsa, Texas", is the best tasting salsa we have had in many many years. The smokey flavor is wonderful, and in just the right balance with the heat from the peppers. It is good served hot or at room temperature, but my personal favorite is cold right out of the refrigerator. I have tried it on chicken, fish, and beef, and it is wonderful. I will let you know when we need some more up here in Oklahoma!
Tim G.

--F'n great- we've demolished 2 jars already!!
What's the secret ingrediant? This stuff is addicting!!
Brad G.

--The salsa is great - I've been giving it out to some friends and co-workers and everyone loves it.
Have a good one
Bubba H.

--I hit the hot version the other night! It's awesome and VERY fresh tasting. I miss that.
Mike M.

--We had some people over friday night,. We all loved it!
Mike K.

--Great stuff. Loved it and I passed it out to friends. Very tasty.
Keith M.

--I tried the Medium last night. It's really good. It's got a little bite to it, which is nice. Thanks for hooking me up!
David M.

--"Oh my gosh...I LOVE IT!!! The hot is awesome! I am well on my way to finishing this bag of chips and ruining my appetite for dinner!!"
Stephanie C.

--I love it!
Sam H.

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