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September 2012: Salsa, Texas launches its NEW Gourmet Premium Fire Roasted Salsa Verde (Green Sauce) in the MEDIUM flavor profile. The product is now available for purchase on our Web Site, and will likely make its way into the retailers within the next 30-45 days. Look for it soon at your local Kroger, Central Market or Whole Foods!.

June 2012: Kroger brings Salsa, Texas into it's SW Region of stores including Texas and Louisiana. Most of these locations will be in Kroger Signature stores, with over 150 store locations.

September 2011: Read this PDF about how Chef Daniel Vercher incorporates Salsa, Texas into some of his dishes.

February 2011: The Dallas Morning News endorses Salsa, Texas as their favorite Salsa for this year's upcoming Superbowl hosted in the great "D" metropolis, among all other salsas across Texas. We are truly honored and humbled by their selection. Go team go!

September 2010: Salsa, Texas entered the Houston Hot Sauce Festival for the fourth time and was awarded People's Choice Best Red Sauce. We were announced winner for the 4th consecutive time we have entered this event. An average of over 30,000 people attend this festival and is considered the largest of it's kind in the nation.

August 2010: Salsa, Texas entered the famous Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival for the first time. Over 400 entrants participated in this prestigious affair. When the dust settled, Salsa, Texas was award Judges Selection Best Salsa via a blind tasting process. Of the 14 judges, 10 were executive chefs from Austin's high end local restaurants. Over 13,000 people attended the event this year.

February 2010: This past weekend while we were in Dallas "demoing" our product, a lady approached Dennis at the Whole Foods-Forest store about our products. She tried our products and was so interested that she wanted to take a photo of Dennis standing alongside our Salsa products. She indicated that she had a blog and wanted to write about it. We had no idea who she was, nor did we know how popular her blog was. Read the blog.

November 11-15, 2009: We partnered with Liebman's Fine Foods and participated in the Houston Nutcracker Event, the largest in the nation, and Home for the Holidays in Katy, Texas, and accomplished another milestone for Salsa, Texas and selling more product than had ever been sold over a weekend.

November 7-8, 2009: We "demoed" our product for the first time at Whole Foods Market, Kirby location, Houston, Texas and (according to Grocery Manager, Sam Cook) sold more salsa over the weekend than had ever been recorded at any Whole Foods Market nationwide.

September 19 & 20, 2009: We entered Houston's Hot Sauce Festival and were awarded First Place People's Choice Award for Best Salsa and Second Place People's Choice For Best Red Sauce.

July 2009: Salsa, Texas is proud to announce the launching of it's new MILD Salsa to the product line of salsas, completing the trinity of flavors. Now everyone can enjoy the great flavor!

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