In 2004, we introduced our product at The Houston Hot Sauce Festival. According to the Wall Street Journal, this Festival is considered the largest of its kind and attracts more than 30,000 patrons each year, and boasts over 130 competitive entries. We came away as the ultimate victor of the Festival, winning 1st Place People's Choice Award for Best Salsa and Best Red Sauce.

In 2005, we once again entered into The Houston Hot Sauce Festival to determine if we had a product that warranted more attention. When it was all said and done, Salsa, Texas repeated and came away as the 1st Place People's Choice for Best Salsa at the Festival.

The thousands of patrons that voted for us at the past two Festivals provided us with their comments, the certainty and confidence we needed to introduce this product to you. And we thank them.

We encourage you to try it. Tell us your thoughts, your experiences, your recipes. We are open to all constructive comments. Our ultimate goal is to make the best salsa product for our customers. Your feedback is very important to us.

Houston Hot Sauce Festival

2004 - 1st Place People's Choice Best Salsa
2004 - 1st Place People's Choice Best Red Sauce
2005 - 1st Place People's Choice Best Salsa
2009 - 1st Place People's Choice Best Salsa
2010 - 1st Place People's Choice Red Sauce

Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival

2010 - 1st Place Judges' Selection Best Salsa

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