Texas is known for many different things around the country and around the world. A few that come to mind are football, oil, cattle, cowboys, and of course, mexican food. The foundation for any mexican meal starts and ends with salsa. Having lived in Texas for over forty years, imagine how I felt living in NYC in the early 1990's without access to any of the salsas I was so accustomed.

Living in the northeast sparked a dream to one day create my own salsa. One that would not only capture the true essence of an authentic mexican salsa, but also stand out from the countless others in the marketplace. Having visited Mexico several times, I determined the best way to achieve this was to make a salsa that used the freshest ingredients, had no preservatives, and fire roasted tomatoes and serrano peppers for the warm flavor that I preferred.

As I began to commit to this vision, I then approached my good friend to partner with me on this venture, and we set out to create what is now "Salsa, Texas". We premiered our Salsa at the 2004 Houston Hot Sauce Festival. This annual event is touted as one of the largest of its kind boasting over 30,000 attendees and 130 competitive vendors from across the country.

Throughout the weekend, we were amazed at the crowds of people trying our salsa for the first time, and more importantly, the comments that followed. Time after time we heard comments such as, "This is the best salsa I've ever tasted". As you might understand, this was music to our ears. At the end of the Festival, we were bestowed with the People's Choice Award for Best Salsa and Best Red Sauce. In 2005, we entered the same Festival with no expectations, and once again received the People's Choice Award for Best Salsa.

Winning one Hot Sauce Festival was a great accomplishment because we were selected by the people and not a panel of judges. Winning back to back Festivals sent us a very clear message; we had a very special product and thousands of people attending these Festivals preferred our Salsa over the hundreds of others who participated. Now, we would like to share our product with you.

Taste the salsa that continues to win over the hearts of thousands everyday. We're certain you'll agree. Salsa, Texas is your destination for real salsa.

Dennis & Ron

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